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Hue is our new quarterly magazine. Inside you will find information about current and upcoming exhibitions. You will also read about upcoming events and programs. In each issue we include a DAI member spotlight and we invite a leader from the community to reflect on art in the current times.

As we continue to grow HUE will, too. We envision sharing meaningful articles, discussing the power of art as it relates to current events, celebrating community transformation, and using HUE as a tool for a deeper dive into topics that interest you.

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*We've had to place a pause on the printing of HUE during 2020. As a result of the pandemic, we've had to adjust our spending to reflect immediate needs. We will begin printing as soon as we are able to.

A special thanks to Swim Creative for designing HUE.

HUE Winter 2021

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    HUE Fall 2020

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      HUE Summer 2020

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        Because some things deserve a little more space and attention.

        If you have ideas for articles, or would like to submit an article to be published, let us know by emailing aswanson@duluthartinstitute.org.

        Fiber Artists Share Common Threads

        A extra special extended article with help from local fiber artists.

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