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COVID PROTOCOL: Following the state and local guidelines, visitors who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear a face mask.

DAI Business Office & Galleries
St. Louis County Depot, Fourth Floor
506 W Michigan St.
Duluth, MN 55802

Gallery Hours:

NEW: 10am-5pm, daily

The galleries are free to the public. 

Lincoln Park Building

2229 W 2nd St.

Duluth, MN 55806


By appointment and during classes



Chesley Antoinette

John Steffl Gallery


Tia Keobounpheng

George Morrison Gallery

Unfolding Odyssey

Karlyn Atkinson Berg

Corridor Gallery


DAI Annual Member Show

Group Exhibition

Coming August 2021

Perceiving Places: Through Our Tenderness

Roshan Ganu

Coming October 2021

63rd Arrowhead Regional Biennial

Group Exhibition

Coming October 2021

Closer to the Wild

Michael Letts

Coming October 2021

A message from the Executive Director—

“Humanity forges a new path.” “Space still is the new frontier.” “A new-found affinity for masks, they aren’t just for masquerades anymore.” “Zoom is not just a riff from ‘Pitch Perfect.’” 

I have lists and lists of these headline leads for 2020. Honestly, though, I’m through with looking back. It is time to look forward. As we do, we see the opportunity to create a more equitable and empathetic experience through the arts. That is why we are “thinking bigger” (mantra from my time with Famous Dave). Inspiration is everywhere. And we are utilizing inspiration to think bigger (and actually better).

Ideas for art in your everyday:

  • Free ArtDAI  
  • Exhibitions in our galleries (open everyday 10-5)
  • Art Classes and Camps
  • Free FriDAI digital activities 

The great Grace Lee Bogs once said, “Revolution is EVOLUTION towards something much grander in terms of what it means to be a human being.” Isn’t that the truth! We hope revolution leads you to new places and perspectives within your future. This journey is ours together and we sure hope to hear what has changed, where you’ve grown and what is now most important.

Please consider helping us prepare for what you need in the “after time” of the pandemic keeping our physical doors closed. The power of the visual arts and art education is in fueling evolution, connecting us to heal, and learning new ways of being.  

Your gift will go directly towards:

  • Employing artists as teachers and exhibitors, many of whom continue to endure financial struggle
  • Connect youth to art education, which is a sector of education that is suffering
  • Attaining technology and infrastructure to produce virtual experiences for classes, artist talks, social events and more
  • Proudly proclaiming your support to fight for equity and justice

If you prefer to give to our endowment, please memo that on your donation. 

Lift yourself out of the ordinary and plan a visit to the Duluth Art Institute to ignite your imagination and connect to evolution. 


Christina Woods

Duluth Art Institute Executive Director

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