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As a BIPOC led organization, the DAI celebrates the cultural confluence in NE MN. Since before the actual development of cities in NE MN, the shores of Lake Superior and the land to Canada, the Anishinaabe have hosted a myriad of peoples. Trade, cultural exchange, community, medicine, and art were shared among peoples from across the globe. 

The following are the change makers, connectors, truth tellers, stabilizers of community, mobilizers, unifiers, ideators. Artists are the first to give and the last to take. Artists give a face to movements. Artists bring hope. Find the hidden story. Artists educate. Save lives. Give life. Artists bring prosperity. Rise above. Artists heal. Artists remember. Artists inspire.

The DAI is honored to share with you the amazing BIPOC artists in the NE MN region. We continue to update our list. Please contact cwoods@duluthartinstitute.org for more information.

Marcus Mosiah Brown

Shaun Chosa

Wole Fumale

Paula Gudmundson

Carla Hamilton

Nina Holtz

Patricia Mahnke

Flo Matamoros

Sean Moore

Terresa Moses (@BlackbirdRevolt)

Jordon Moses (@BlackbirdRevolt)

Ryuta Nakajima

Vern Northrup

Daniel Oyinloye

Karen Savage Blue

Delphin Starr

Ivy Vainio (@ivy_vainio)

Moira Villard (@moiraliketheory)

Robin Washington -Jean Birkenstein

Sam Zimmerman (@CraneSuperior)

DAI Commission Your Bias- Using visual art to learn the tools to apply your past DEI trainings, uncover an unconscious bias, and dive deeper into systemic racism in individuals and organization.  Primarily for white people. 

cwoods@duluthartinstitute.org for more information

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