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Natural Contract

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Ryuta Nakajima & Aya Kawaguchi

February 19—April 19, 2015
DAI George Morrison Gallery
Reception: February 19, 5 - 7 PM

Japanese-American artists Ryuta Nakajima and Aya Kawaguchi have been collaborating together for more than a decade and currently call Duluth home. While both curious about the human sensory experience, they approach their artwork using divergent methods.

Nakajima, an associate professor of painting and drawing at UMD, finds source material in squid, octopus and cuttlefish, exploring the way they create color and patterns. He finds similarity in the way humans and cephalopods take external information and react by producing new shapes and colors.

Kawaguchi explores the differences between experiencing something and interpreting it. When she sees something she finds beautiful, she often finds she has a memory or other experience that connects her back – interlacing the two. She adds or subtracts information from her photographs to transform the originals into something more personally meaningful.

A Retrospective Response

Lake Superior Watercolor Society

February 19 - May 1, 2015
DAI John Steffl Gallery
Reception: February 19, 5 - 7 PM

The Lake Superior Watercolor Society was formed to promote the development and appreciation of watercolor painting in the area and to encourage individual growth in artists through meetings, discussion and the activity created by work study groups. The Society has been a longtime fixture in the Duluth arts scene. To celebrate their legacy in the community, the DAI is hosting an exhibition that pairs work from members inspired by regional artists from Duluth’s rich history including David Erickson, John Peyton, and George Morrison.

Selections from the Society will be made by international watercolor icon, John Salminen. John holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Minnesota and lives and works in Duluth, while traveling around the world to teach workshops and make presentations. He is a signature member of numerous art societies, including the American Watercolor Society, The National Watercolor Society, the Watercolor USA Honor Society, the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, and Allied Artist. He is an honorary member of the Jiangsu Watercolor Research Institute in China and is the first American honored with inclusion in the Australian Watercolour Institute. He has won more than 230 awards in national and international exhibitions, and his work has been included in major exhibitions throughout the United States, Asia, Europe and Australia. 

Youth Art Month 2015

K-12 Art Exhibition

March 5—March 25, 2015
Depot Great Hall
Reception: March 5, 5 - 7 PM

Youth Art Month in March recognizes the artistic achievements of Twin Ports area youth while applauding the devoted art educators who encourage and guide young artists. Students who participate in art classes stretch their creativity, build self-esteem, and strengthen critical thinking skills. The individuality expressed in this exhibition demonstrates the power of art as an outlet for creative ideas, emotional growth, and personal expression. Works are created by students enrolled in kindergarten through high school in five area school districts.