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An online exhibit reflecting how artists are processing and observing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic      

above Jonathan Thunder, Quarantine at Grammas House, acrylic on canvas 13.5 x 42" $6000, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Artists often process events and emotions through creating new work. Some find peace, some find inspiration, some find more questions. Response provides an avenue of expression, a place for artists and viewers to explore, heal and vent. Submissions were received from throughout the nation as well as abroad and reflect the variety of issues faced during this time. From drawings to dioramas, photography to ceramics, realism to abstract, submitted work is on view throughout 2020.  

Sale prices do not necessarily include shipping, framing or taxes. Please send inquiries to Avarsek@duluthartinstitute.org

60 photo(s) Updated on: 31 Aug 2020
  • Fuzz E Grant
  • Ilene Sova
  • Carrie Jean Schroeder
  • Grace Prexta
  • Sue Peck
  • Kathy Bruce
  • Rosalie Robison
  • Jody Dixon
  • John Mullinax
  • Christine Hiegel
  • Susan Krochalk
  • Beth Livensperger
  • Sue Pavlatos
  • Hilary Snider
  • Sylvia Bandyke
  • Igor Zusev
  • Claudia Faith
  • Ansel Oommen
  • Julia Justo
  • Joe Karlovec
  • Karen Keenan
  • Giusto Pilan
  • Clarence Carter Boucher
  • Carole D'Iverno
  • Leyla Tonak
  • Ann-Marie Brown
  • Brianna Deterling
  • Alexa Carson
  • Matt Kania
  • Zia Koepke
  • Rosemary Guttormsson
  • Michael Andrew Moores
  • Sarah Archbold
  • Constance LaBouff
  • Christopher Harrison
  • Edna Stromquist
  • Kris B. Nelson
  • Kateryna Bortsova
  • Edward Michael Supranowicz
  • Jared Schuster
  • Rebecca Larson
  • Sarah Laurie Johnson
  • Jessica Burke
  • Jessica Paulin
  • Alyssa Swanson
  • Margie Helstrom
  • Kristina Estelle
  • Paul LaJeunesse
  • Eyenga Bokamba
  • Thomas Ferrella
  • DAI Open Studio Artists
  • Gabriel Embeha
  • Christina Gessler
  • Gayle Kirschenbaum
  • Sue Rauschenfels
  • Cal Swanson
  • Barry Walton

above Antonella Piemontese, Tumulus 1 and 2, canvas drop cloth, butchers cotton twine, found stuffed doll, 19x18x2", NFS, Beacon, NY


above  Tia Keopounpheng, Coloring Sheets, available for download https://www.tiakeoart.com/covid19-response-coloring  



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