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Beginning Printing (What a relief…printmaking without a press!) with Kelly Dupre
Tuesdays, 6 - 8:30 PM, May 9 - 23 @ the Lincoln Center
$100 ($120 non-member)
Start with the basics by making a single color print while learning printing techniques you can replicate at home: how to sharpen blades, ink the block, and choose paper and tools. Then take your prints to the next level and work with multiple blocks and reduction.Relief Printing with Kelly Dupre.pdf

Cellular Cinema Presents Video Haiku: Poetic, Lyric or Abstract Non-Narrative Moving Images in 1 - 3 Shots
1 - 5 p.m. Saturday, June 3, Location TBA
$25 DAI members, $30 non-members
Join Kevin Obsatz of Cellular Cinema for a workshop that encourages people to explore the world with any and every moving-image recording device and to make meaning with light and sound rather than words. Bring a smartphone, iPad, laptop or other device to work on. The workshop ends with a screening
of the participants' work. Cellular Cinema is an organically evolving, ongoing screening series of experimental film, video and performance. It is the only
regularly occurring event in Minneapolis or St. Paul that features short-form, experimental, moving-image art. Cellular Cinema is dedicated to the idea that video can be a realm of exploration,improvisation and play on a small scale, using a wide range of tools and technologies, unbound by the commercial considerations of mainstream, narrative media.

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