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Drawing & Painting

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Watercolor Painting: Follow Her Lead, Playing with Color with Tara Sweeney

$550 ($600 non-member) Thurs.-Sat., September 19-21, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (3 day workshop)

Spontaneity makes for great fun for complete beginners and for experienced painters alike. Get outside your comfort zone. Try something besides photo realism. Make a bravura mark; imagine a story; find a character; follow a visual path. See what emerges when you stop forcing watercolor to do your bidding and play instead. Learn to follow watercolor’s lead with a limited palette to jumpstart creativity, wake up your senses and strengthen technique. Build confidence as you explore compositional possibilities, pigment characteristics, wet-into-wet mingling, transparent layering, intentional lost and found edges, and lively brushwork through daily demos, guided exercises, individualized feedback and plenty of time to paint. Tara shares her philosophy of art and process in this versatile and playful approach to watercolor’s unique possibilities. www.tarasweeneyart.com 

Tara Sweeney is an award-winning artist, illustrator and author based in Saint Paul, Minnesota who creates with watercolor and ink. Her prolific body of work was recently showcased in TPT2 public television’s MN Original https://www.tpt.org/post/artist-tara-sweeney/ and includes studio painting, plein air sketching and book illustration. 

Full payment for this class is due up front.  Tuition includes non-refundable $50 deposit.  Refunds will not be made unless your registration can be filled by someone on the wait-list and will not include the $50 deposit.

Watercolor Painting: Playing with Color with Tara Sweeney

Landscapes and Watercolor with Bill Wise

Thursdays,  October 24th, 31st, Nov. 7th, 14th, 21st, (5 sessions) 10-1pm at DAI Lincoln Park Building

$120 member $140 non-member

Review gestural and other techniques to get accurate drawings on the paper using charcoal and graphite pencils.  Add color to your sketches using ink pens, water-soluble pencils and watercolor paint.  Build your watercolor skills with confidence through instruction, demonstrations, and hands on experience. This course is useful for people wanting to draw and paint while traveling or exploring your own backyard (en plen air).  Open to all skill levels. Landscapes and Watercolor with Bill Wise

Acrylic Color Workshop with Adam Swanson

Wednesdays, October 23rd, 30th, Nov. 6th, and 13th  6-9 p.m. at DAI LPB

$150 member $180 non-member

Infuse energy into your paintings by experimenting with color relationships and learning basic color theory.  Whether you are a beginning or an advanced acrylic painter, this class offers enough space to learn and grow with group and individual guidance.  Open to all levels. $25 non refundable registration fee included in tuition.  Acrylic Color Workshop with Adam Swanson

Supply List

-A pad of sketch paper.

- Pencil and colored pencils.

-Two gessoed/primed canvas or boards, dry and ready to paint on for each class. Any size will work, but the larger the better (16 x 20” or 18 x 24" is a good ballpark). 

-Brushes/palette knife (A selection of at least 5 brush sizes. Flat brights are recommended and one small pointy one for details.)

- Acrylic Paint: primary (red, yellow, blue) and secondary (green, orange, purple), black and white. 

- Palette (plastic plate or similar).

-Reference material: at least one printed photo you would like to use as reference for each painting.

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