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Karlyn Atkinson Berg: Unfolding Odyssey

Corridor Gallery | June 21 - September 27, 2021


Left: Karlyn Atkinson Berg, "The Pink Dawn of Aurora," Hand-cut collage with acrylic on clayboard, 20"X20".

Right: Karlyn Atkinson Berg, "Six White Horses Come to Take You Home," Hand-cut collage with acrylic on clayboard, 20"X20".

Inspired by the natural world and the literary genre magic realism, Karlyn Atkinson Berg’s collage paintings merge nature with fantasy. As with magic realism, Berg’s paintings explore nonlinear stories: viewers find imagery without a clear beginning, middle, or end. “Collage can tell a story by connecting shapes and images without being bound by the need to make an illustration,” she explains. In addition to investigating shapes, Berg explores color, texture, space, and form. By placing the real and imaginary side by side, Berg experiments with scale and composition: insects overpower snakes while horses and humans float among statues and machinery. Unfolding Odyssey chronicles a journey of the known and unknown, elevating the viewer’s imagination while delivering a fantastical artistic experience.

Karlyn Atkinson Berg finds inspiration all around, including in music. Here is a playlist of songs which inspired some of the work in Unfolding Odyssey.  


Karlyn Atkinson Berg graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and continued graduate studies at Pratt University. Collage is her passion and has been the main focus of her artistry for fifty years. She lives in the northwoods of Minnesota with her German shepherd. Together they train and compete in obedience, scent work, and tracking. Berg has exhibited throughout the United States and was awarded Minnesota State Arts Board grants in 2017 and 2020 and Arrowhead Regional Arts Council grants in 2018 and 2019.

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