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Artist Professional Development

Artists Residencies are not available at this time. 

Get your work into galleries: https://reddotblog.com/the-six-most-common-mistakes-artists-make-when-approaching-galleries-3/

Professional Development for Artists

Free for DAI Members (non-members $50/session A one time $60 membership gets you all the classes in this series for free. 

This unique series of seminars will set you on course for building your business, selling what you create vs creating for a market, writing for grants and websites, and photographing your work for proposals and websites. Some dates are being set as well as locations. Watch your email and check here for updates.

Entrepreneur and Business Basics with Sascha Mansson

Thursday, May 14, Time 1-3 PM via Zoom

Professional Development: Entrepreneur and Business Basics with Sascha Mansson

Interested in your art as a business? Find out the basics of business. This seminar covers what you need to know to create art and run a business, basic contracts, and sales processes- specifically how to inspire people to want what you create. You will be inspired to create more of waht you want to sell verses what you think people want to buy. 

"Selling Well: What Artists Can Learn from People's Intuitive Reactions to Famous Art"

Special Guest Lecture with Dan Hill

May 28th 3-5pm Online via Zoom

Professional Development: "Selling Well" with Dan Hill

What's the actual experience people have when standing before a work of art, taking it in? Find out thanks to this unique guest lecture that will be of interest to practicing artists and photographers as well as the general public at large. Hill's latest book is by far the largest study ever conducted that involves eye-tracking technology and art in order to learn where people precisely look, for how long, and in what order. By adding in facial coding, Hill also captures not only where people look but how they feel about what they're seeing. Hill's lecture will address five key insights of value not only to practitioners of art, but also anybody in the art of business (like gallery owners):

Insights to be shared from the largest study ever done involving eye tracking and art:

    • Why contemporary art beat out modern and old masters for the most engagement
    • What kind of titles artists should consider giving their art works to drive enthusiasm
    • What kind of themes/subject matter study participants preferred (and why)
    • Tips on how to stage gallery exhibits for optimal impact
    • Facial expressions you should detect to help overcome buyer hesitancy

    Dan Hill, Ph.D., has given lectures in over 25 countries.

    Besides  front-page coverage in The New York Times,

    Hill’s other media coverage includes TV appearances

    on ABC’s “Good Morning, America,” NBC’s “The Today

    Show,” CNN, Fox, and MSNBC.

    The Essence of Great Art and Photography with Bill Wise

    (Date/Time TBD)

    DAI Lincoln Park Building

    Take time to learn the basics of photographing art for proposals and websites. With the artists who wants to photograph their own work in mind, this session is for you. Bill Wise walks you through the most important elements that will bring life to your work. The DAI photography studio at the Lincoln Park Building will be open and available for members to use.  Bill is providing one-hour mentor sessions for up to five participants to be scheduled with him.

    Grant Writing Formula for Success with Christina Woods, DAI Executive Director

    (Date/Time TBD)

    DAI Lincoln Park Building

    No matter what foundation you are writing to, there is a formula for success. Christina will lead a hands-on writing course to help you organize your ideas and develop a plan for writing your grant. Main ideas will include understanding and writing outcomes, learn to use an industry organizer to flesh out your ideas and the steps you need to use to reach your goals. You will leave ready to write your first grant or write your best grant. The DAI provides many grant writing services for free to artist members. The skills in this seminar are not usually offered, be sure not to miss it.

    Write that Copy with Christina Woods, DAI Executive Director

    (Date/Time TBD)

    DAI Lincoln Park Building

    The first impression you make on your website, artist statement, or marketing materials is the most memorable. Even if you are a pro chatting up your work, you cannot always provide that one on one, so be sure to with written words. Christina will deliver tried and true ways to write effective copy for your art-work labels, artists statements, website pages and much more. This will change the way you approach current and future art clients. The DAI provides writing services for free to member artists. Christina will be available to edit and assists DAI artists members. 

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